British employees seek charitable workplaces, reveals survey

Give as you Live research shows workers would be loyal to companies that support charities more

LONDON (20 October 2015) – The key to solving the talent retention problem in the UK may be with charities, as 37% of Brits report they would stay at a company longer if it supported charities and local communities more and over a third (34%) say they deem their future employers charity initiatives as ‘important’.

These findings come from a Give as you Live survey of 2,000 employed people across the UK, who were asked about charities in the workplace and their business spending.

Among age groups, those aged 35-44 are the most philanthropic, with 48% saying they would be more likely to work at a company longer if it supported charities and local communities more, and one in 10 (8%) saying they take part in company fundraising every day.

Their younger peers appear to be charity-minded too, with six in 10 (56%) of 25-34-year-olds saying they believe the company they work for could do more for charity.

Men (46%) were more likely to have done a charitable activity in the past year than women (40%), but both preferred fundraising events such as bake sales (28%) as their charitable effort of choice.

Overall though, it seems companies could be doing more to support charities, as half of workers (48%) say they don’t know how much their company has donated to charity in the past year and 51% haven’t taken part in company charity fundraising in the past year.

Greg Hallett, Managing Director at Give as you Live, said, “It seems many UK businesses may be lessening their appeal by not doing more corporate charitable activities, and not giving more choice to the workforce about which charity a business supports. It’s common to think that charity efforts involve too much time and resource, but that’s certainly not the case. The digital age means that charitable initiatives don’t have to add pressure to people’s time and they can help to increase employee commitment and morale. Platforms such as Give as you Live can help employees donate money to a charity of their choice while making business purchases in just a few clicks and at no extra cost.”

Every time an employee shops through Give as you Live, a percentage of the purchase value is donated to the charity of their choice. This all happens at no extra cost, as Give as you Live makes the donation on the shopper’s behalf from the commission paid by the retailer. Give as you Live also offers price comparison, allowing users and businesses alike to get the best price for their purchases – whether it’s a train ticket, ink cartridges, office chairs or stationery supplies.

Through Give as you Live, a stationery order of £100 can raise up to £8 for an employee’s chosen charity. Additionally, many travel and accommodation companies – such as trainline, and Expedia – are available to shop with, meaning a single business trip can raise a significant amount for charity.

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Working with all 220,000 UK-registered charities, Give as you Live enables supporters to raise funds for any charity of their choice every time they shop online, without spending a penny more. Give as you Live can unlock the ‘hidden millions’ available to UK charities through their supporters’ online shopping, seamlessly moving money from the corporate sector at no cost to the charity or general public. So far, Give as you Live has helped shoppers raise £3,878,449.90 for charities in the UK.

Participating charities can receive up to 90% revenue share and already more than 400 charities receiving over £25 per year per supporter, with almost half receiving over £50 per year per supporter, through Give as you Live. The donation shown on the Give as you Live website is always the value that the charity receives.

Give as you Live can be used with over 2,600 of the biggest online retailers, from supermarkets, to travel agents, to dating sites. In addition to the likes of Expedia, John Lewis, iTunes, and, the most recent retailers to sign up include ASOS, Argos and EDF Energy, with the full list available here. Taking levels of UK online shopping into account, Give as you Live has the potential to raise £2billion every year for the UK’s charities.